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We are a family owned and operated business. 


"This shop is under new management and it shows, my early 2000s camper van broke down passing through Porterville and my brakes went out on me which is never what you want, especially during a 93 degree heat wave! After calling around town bright and early on Friday morning and getting several "do you want an appointment mid to late next week?" I called Roscoes and even though they were slammed, Carlos said he could try to squeeze me in. Though they weren't able to get to me that day, the guys spent all day Saturday fixing my home on wheels and got me out of there as soon as they could with fair and honest work.

Michael was incredibly kind on the phone, answered all of my questions, and was direct and honest when the work was delayed which is totally understandable considering the state of the world. When it was time to pick up the van, I sat in the lobby for a bit and watched him treat his customers and team with a level of kindness, respect and humor that I haven't seen often at an auto shop especially right now.
Thanks for the help, y'all!"  -Testimony.




In life, the most affordable way to get anything fixed is to make sure it doesn't break to begin with. Stop by for an inspection by an employee of Roscoe Tires.


*Wait times vary


Regularly rotating your tires allow the tires to serve in both front and rear positions which help to even out the wear and we'll do it for free if you purchased your tires here.


Quick and easy! 


We service all vehicles!

Both foreign and domestic!



Alignment - 95.00

Conditions in the Central Valley very!


Stay safe and help the life of your cars' components by scheduling an alignment today! 

Brake Service

Brakes are an integral part of the vehicle. 


Bring it here in confidence for an inspection!

A/C Service

Quick and easy service!


We are able to accommodate all 134/ 1234yf systems!

Polite & fast service.

"I had a flat tire this morning and I went to American Tire Depot where they wouldn't patch it & wanted me to replace all my tires. I'm on a budget right now because of the holidays so I decided to try Roscoe's. I was having a really bad day and the man at the counter was so friendly. I was so delighted to see that they were able to put a patch on my 3 year old tires. When the day comes to replace my tires I'll definitely be back here."


921 W Olive Ave, Porterville, CA 93257

(559) 784-8888

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